CMSSW-mode for Emacs


Download it!

(You may need to right-click, Save Link As...)

To install:

  1. Save cmssw-mode.el (the above file) to a convenient directory.
  2. Insert the following into your ~/.emacs or ~/.xemacs/init.el:
    (require 'cmssw-mode "/location/of/your/cmssw-mode.el")
  3. Visit a .cfg, .cfi, or .cff file. The mode name (bar on the bottom of the window) should now say "(CMSSW)". If you have font-lock installed, your file should be colorized!

See the README file for more detailed instructions

Version history

(Note: the version number on the first line of the .el file doesn't always correspond with the CVS version number. Before submitting to CMSSW CVS, I was doing version tracking by hand. Sorry for the confusion!)

CMSSW Hypernews Thread

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