Wilson Hall, also known as the high-rise, is itself very beautiful, consisting of a fifteen-story atrium flanked by offices on both sides, with gardens pouring out of the first five floors.

Up on the eleventh, we are preparing for data from the CMS experiment, a detector of even higher-energy collisions at CERN. CERN's main ring is several times longer than FermiLab's, a tunnel under Switzerland and France which will become operational in the summer of 2008. The factor-of-seven higher energies are too valuable to ignore, because we truly have no idea what such collisions will produce. So, as we study the data that are currently streaming from FermiLab's ongoing experiments, we write software and build equipment for the future collider at CERN. FermiLab will be the U.S. center for the international CMS experiment.

This takes me to the present. At Texas A&M University, I'm analyzing FermiLab data and developing software and detectors for CMS. Happily, I will be visiting FermiLab often, and even CERN occasionally. (Check back for possible pictures from CERN...)

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