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Software for Physics and Mathematics

  • SVGFig is a module for the Python programming language that creates mathematical figures.
    • A small set of powerful tools, rather than a long list of features.
    • Brief syntax.
    • Completely general coordinate systems (including ).
    • Edit any aspect of the image output as a navigatable SVG data structure or in a graphics program.

    SVGFig (a corruption of the Icelandic or Norwegian Sigurðr) was once called Plothon the Barbarion.

  • PyMinuit is a Python interface to Minuit which allows users to numerically minimize arbitrary Python functions. Minuit is usually invoked in the background for fitting theoretical curves to experimental data, but it is often helpful to have direct access to minimization for more advanced fitting applications.

  • CMSSW-Mode for Emacs makes it easier for Emacs users to write configuration files for CMSSW (software for the CMS experiment) by adding syntax coloring, tab stops, and the ability to open included files with a single click or keystroke. CMSSW-Mode is now included in the standard CMSSW code repository.

    • PAW-mode for Emacs will probably never again find much use. PAW was a Personal Analysis Workstation for physics studies, long since supplanted by ROOT. (sigh...)

    • Mathematica-Mode makes Emacs act like a Mathematica notebook, with the same model of building up scripts from interactive commands. This is primarily for people who find Emacs's keystrokes and parenthesis-handling easy to use and Mathematica's keystrokes and parenthesis-handling hard to use.

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    Metropolis Walkthrough Wean Hall Titanic Park xsandbox Malificent Alien Fiends
    Metropolis Walkthrough The Killer Cheek Titanic Park xsandbox Malificent Alien Fiends
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