Dark Angel

Dark Angel
For all that your hair is sun-golden
Your eyes blue
And all of that
You are dark and deep
Rich velvet wrappings in black
Forged iron
A twisting darkness whose paths
I have often walked
In my own way
In my own mind.
I would offer you peace
Should you choose to accept it
But any peace of mine
Might be another will o' the wisp hope
Tricking you into loss in your own soul
Hiding from yourself
The beauty I see
A rhapsody in midnight
Clear cold deep dark frozen lost alone

I am the Walker of Shadows
Surveyor of the Fringes
I bear no torch for you,
My Angel,
For I was never afraid of the Dark.
This is my land too-
I have known it too long
For it to hold terror.
Your eyes bear starlight,
Mine moonlight,
We may meet safe in the darkness
For there were no monsters here
But ourselves.

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