I understand Gueneviere
The long an d narrow winding paths
She walked
In the straight broad halls of Camelot.
Who then or now could see the choice
That was no choice,
Could pause on some palisade to think
Over lofty affairs of great knights
Great men, great quest s.

None gave time to the thoughts of one woman-
One tormented and lost woman
Who was caught between the loves of two men
Great men, great knights.

Alone, she pondered
Setting in her mind the choice
That felled the dream s of Camelot.
Betrayal, some would say
The actions of a foolish girl's foolish dreams.

But when she came down to the place
Where every choice was nothing at all
And the maze of passages that was Camelot
Left only one hall broa d enough to walk
Trailing robes heavy with troubles-
When everything came down to there
She was utterly alone,
With nothing to hold on to.

Take a step out into the dark, Gueneviere-
See where the cliff's edge you walk leads.
Pray that when you fall
Someone will be there to catch you.
That when in a slip of pebbles and panic
It all begins to come undone
Men will not be jealous men
Fighting for the poor torn heart of Gueneviere
Letting the broken body d rop.

And the cliff crumbled.
The Lady fell.
Beneath that tableau knights went to war
With a clatter of bronze and steel
So busy bringing the world down
And tearing it apart
Nobody saw the castle fall.

I understand Gueneviere.

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