Refuse from a battered mind

I must say that it is i nteresting to go through and analyze myself in a way that is presentable to the rest of the world. I think I make sense, but looking through this mass of data, I am unsure.
Saturday, 9 December, 1995. 6:16 AM.

A comment on myself:
I do not resist challenges well.
When presented with a br ick wall, some people give up and pace. Some have a picnic in the shade. Some look for a door to the other side.
I climb over them, or break through. My path is nearly unerring.
I can outst ubborn most anything.
Saturday, 9 December, 1995. 6: 18 AM.

Staying up all night can be fun, especially when there is no real reason to do so. Personally I have always been fonder of the darkness than the light. It is warmer, it surrounds, i t is present, whereas light is often cold and distant, or a ntagonistic. I am the Shadowwalker, the one who stalks that very thin line, but I choose more often to be in the dark.
A bonus of this is that I finally got this page more or less done....
Now, as I am obviously a vampire or a night owl, I am goi ng to bed.
Saturday, 9 December, 1995. 7:30 AM.

I don't think much, do I?
Posted: 10:49 AM 5 March 1996.

I am a physicist, not an engineer.
When something happens, I don't care what I can do with it. I want to know why it happened, and how.
Posted: 1:51 AM 4 April 1996

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