The Fort Reno Summer Conert Series have been in existence for the past 26 years. For the first 25 of those years the series was funded by the D.C. Government through The Nieghborhood Planning Councils. However, two summers ago the mayor cut funding. Now we are funded by a private non-profit group, the Northwest Youth Alliance, while we are still a function of the Neighborhood Planning Councils 5 & 6. The concerts are a great oppertunity for local bands to play, and also a wonderful oppertunity for students to have free entertainment two nights a week during the summer. Each concert features two bands. The bands range in popularity from Fugazi to high-school bands that no one has ever heard of, with all stratas in between represented. If you are interested in getting your band to play at Fort Reno, send me e-mail at Otherwise, we'll see you there (concerts start on June 15th this year).