Robert Watson's Slides from BSDCan 2006 and FreeBSD Developer Summit

As usual, Dan Langille ran an excellent BSDCan conference. On this page, you can find my slides from the developer summit and full conference, excluding the contents of the WIPs, for which I don't have permission to redistribute the slides.

20060511-devsummit-network-cabal-summary.pdf - Notes from the 10 May 2006 Meeting of the Network Stack Cabal (Developer Summit)

20060511-devsummit-smpng-network-summary.pdf - SMPng Network Stack Update (Developer Summit)

20060511-devsummit-trustedbsd-mac-framework-retrofit.pdf - TrustedBSD Project Update (Developer Summit)

20060512-bsdcan2006-how-freebsd-works.pdf - How the FreeBSD Project Works (BSDCan 2006 Full Conference)

Updated versions of the How the FreeBSD Project Works talk have been presented at EuroBSDCon 2006 and AsiaBSDCon 2007.

Copyright 2006 Robert N. M. Watson. All rights reserved.