Robert Watson's Slides from EuroBSDCon 2006 and FreeBSD Developer Summit

EuroBSDCon 2006 took place in Milan, Italy, and not only offered excellent food on a flexible schedule, but also an interesting array of talks on work spanning the BSD's. On this page, you can find my slides from the FreeBSD developer summit and full conference.

20061110-devsummit-trustedbsd.pdf - TrustedBSD presentation on Audit and priv(9) (Developer Summit)

20061111-eurobsdcon2006-how-freebsd-works.pdf - How the FreeBSD Project Works (EuroBSDCon 2006 Full Conference)

I also presented a talk on the Mac OS X and FreeBSD security event audit systems, substituting for a missing speaker. This talk was originally presented at UKUUG LISA 2006, and the slides can be found on that page.

Copyright 2006 Robert N. M. Watson. All rights reserved.