Robert Watson's Slides from BSDCan 2007 and FreeBSD Developer Summit

BSDCan 2007 took place in Ottawa, Canada, and included tutorials, a main technical conference track, and a FreeBSD developer summit. The developer summit occurred over the course of two days: a first day involving intensive network stack design discussion and review, and a second general track covering a range of topics.

FreeBSD Developer Summit

20070516-net-cabal-intro.pdf - Network Stack Cabal introduction.

20070516-mbufallocator.pdf - Network Stack Cabal read-through of the mbuf allocator.

20070516-netisr.pdf - Network Stack Cabal read-through of netisr infrastructure

20070517-devsummit-projectadvocacy.pdf - How the FreeBSD Project Works: Self-Description as Advocacy (FreeBSD Developer Summit)

20070517-devsummit-zerocopybpf.pdf - Zero-copy BPF Buffers (FreeBSD Developer Summit)

20070517-parallel-stack.pdf - Experiments with Highly Parallel Network Stack Processing

BSDcan 2007

20070519-security-features.pdf - FreeBSD Advanced Security Features (BSDCan 2007)

20070519-wip-intro.pdf - Works-in-Progress introduction (BSDCan 2007)

20070519-appaudit.pdf - Application Security Audit with System Audit Properties (BSDCan Works-in-Progress Session)

Copyright 2007 Robert N. M. Watson. All rights reserved.